Able Forces
Focusing on the Warrior not the wounds


Who We Are


Skip Rogers, Executive Director/Co-Founder

Joe Cunningham, Executive Vice President/Co-Founder

Kathy Rogers, Vice President, Administration/Co-Founder

Lisa Salomon, Senior Director of Accounting/Co-Founder


In support of his charity work, Skip has established direct connections with major military wounded warrior transition units, family support centers, and veteran support organizations throughout the United States. The primary focus of Abe Forces Foundation is to work directly with Military and Veteran organizations to provide immediate financial assistance to military and veteran families in financial crisis. All assistance must be provided via referrals from military and veteran advocates that substantiate immediate financial need.

In addition to over 40 years of professional work, Skip has over 30 years of charitable work in key positions of leadership at the local and national level

Skip Rogers, Founder and Executive Director of Able Forces Foundation was selected as the U.S. Marine Corps recipient of the Department of Defense Spirit of Hope Award in a ceremony held in the Hall of Heroes, Pentagon on 27 September 2018. Each major command, combatant command, field operating agency and direct reporting unit may submit one nomination.

The citation, in honor of the work of Mr. Bob Hope, recognizes Mr. Rogers as one “who epitomizes the values of duty, honor, courage, loyalty, commitment, integrity, and selfless dedication (and) significantly enhance(s) the quality of life of service members and their families serving around the world; and selflessly contribute(s) an extraordinary amount(s) of time, talent or resources to benefit service members.”

Founders of Able Forces are also:

1. Board Member of American Freedom Foundation (AFF) – The AFF’s mission is to raise money and awareness on wounded services member issues and support to families. American Freedom Foundation’s founder, former Sergeant Major of the Army Jack Tilley is a member of Senior Advisor Group to Secretary of VA.

2. Founding Members of National Capital Region Prototype for Community One Source - Community One Source, under the direction of Easter Seals, coordinates the various Federal, State, local government and NGO’s so that the capability of the whole community can be brought to bear to satisfy the needs of wounded service member and the needs of their family members.

3. Currently working with senior officials within the VA and Military Wounded Warrior Programs, and other Government agencies. Our past experience includes supporting Walter Reed Army Hospital and Martinsburg VA Hospital. Able Forces will coordinate all hiring activities with the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) Coordinators within local VA hospitals and work with the VR&E group to coordinate special needs and workplace accommodations.

4. Members of Disabled Veterans Committee on Housing.

Receiving Award from Major General Daniel J. Lecce, USMC-Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant of the Marine Corps

Receiving Award from Major General Daniel J. Lecce, USMC-Staff Judge Advocate to the Commandant of the Marine Corps