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East Coast Tour - Day 2

Thursday was an incredible day. The OEF/OIF/OND office at VA Medical Center Louisville brought the 4 managers of the program to discuss Able Forces and how we can work together.  They are very excited about the potential at Bluegrass Station and now the Help Desk potential at Ft. Knox.  They would also like to assist us with setting up a training center in cooperation with University of Louisville.

We had a wonderful visit at the Ft. Knox Warrior Transition Brigade.  They also are very impressed with our work on both the employment and training side.  They are willing to provide us free of charge classroom space to offer our job preparation training which is dearly needed by over 450 WW soldiers in this Brigade.  Met several WWs in the brigade including a Warrant Officer that's ready to go to Bluegrass.

Now packing up and getting ready for our 10AM visit to the WTU at Ft. Campbell before moving on to Nashville. 

Skip Rogers