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After Action Report (AAR) - Adopt A Warrior Family For Christmas program

What an unbelievable program this was!  Our first Christmas program to support Warrior families for Christmas went far beyond our expectations. 

We initially focused on "adopting" 4 families by soliciting donations from our Corporate partners and friends.  Our goal was to collect $2000.00.  We far exceeded our goal through the generocity of our partners and friends, and were able to support 57 military and veteran families.

Our full report is posted and we look forward to expanding the program next year.  Click HERE for the report.

A HUGE thank you to all who contributed, to our Warrior Advocates who identified our families, and to my staff and volunteers that made this all happen.  It was truly an example of the Christmas Spirit!  Thank you all.

Skip Rogers, Co/Founder and Executive Director

Skip Rogers