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What We’re Doing

Randolf Macon Academy (RMA) Middle School Interact Club Donates $500 to Able Forces Adopt A Warrior Family For Christmas program

Able Forces was presented a check for $500 by the members of the RMA Academy Middle School Interact Club to support the Adopt A Warrior Family For Christmas program.  In September Michael Williams, Director of Student Life at RMA Academy Middle School and Interact Club Director, invited Able Forces to address the Club members and discuss the work we do with Wounded, Ill, and Injured veterans.  In addition, Skip Rogers discussed the annual Able Forces Christmas program; Adopt A Warrior Family For Christmas, where families of military and veterans having financial difficulties are supported with Christmas gifts for their children and food for their Christmas meal.  As a result, the students decided to support the Christmas program and "Adopt" a military family.

Since September, the kids held a bake sale, paid to wear their own clothes (as opposed to the school uniform, on set dates), and set aside between five to ten percent of their weekly allowance, in order to raise these funds.  $500 of the $700 they raised was donated to Able Forces.

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Williams and each of the Interact Club members for the love and caring they shown by this beautiful, selfless gesture.  God Bless each of you and may all have a very Merry Christmas.



Skip Rogers