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What We’re Doing

Rappahannock County High School Students Support Able Forces

Skip Rogers, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Able Forces was honored to receive hand made pens from Mr. Scott Schlosser, Building Technology instructor at Rappahannock County High School.These pens were made as a thank you for your Service by individual students specifically for Wounded, Ill, and Injured warriors in transition at Ft. Belvoir WTU, Quantico Wounded Warrior Regiment (WWR), and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The making of these pens was totally voluntary.

Able Forces was selected to brief the students on what are Wounded, Ill, and Injured warriors, what is the process of their recovery and how do they prepare for transition from military to civilian life.Able Forces was also asked to present the pens to the transition communities at each of these military centers of recovery.The students spent over 4 months making a total of 70 beautiful pens, hand made out of exotic hardwoods.  Bless you Mr. Schlosser for your leadership.

Skip Rogers