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What We’re Doing

Welcome to our new website

For months we've been compiling and researching more and more information to support our visitors and there came a point when we needed to make the site more interactive, searchable and informative. So we proudly present our new website.

There's so much going on daily here at Able Forces that we wanted to have a way to update the site quickly and easily to make sure our new visitors would be able to find their way around and also make sure that returning visitors would always have something new to discover.

New features include a search function, links to resources, as well as downloadable PDFs for reference, photos of all the great events we have the honor of sharing with our vets, and much, much more. The most exciting part for us are the Share and Comment features on our blog/news pages. This will let you post comments and with just one click allow you to share our articles with friends via Twitter, Facebook or email.

So settle in and spend some time with our new site. We hope it becomes a useful and fundamental tool in helping veterans.

And hey, a big thank-you also to my Director of Making Stuff Pretty - Gretchen Carswell. Without her help this new endeavor would not have happened.



Skip Rogers